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Westchester Area Dermatologist Leads Clinical BOTOX® Research


Dr. David E. Bank, a board-certified dermatologist, works with manufacturer Allergan® to expand clinical indications for BOTOX for Westchester, NY area patients.

Westchester, New York (February 2017) — Dr. David E. Bank has been a practicing dermatologist in Westchester County, NY (Mount Kisco) for 28 years, specializing in both cosmetic and medical dermatology, treating patients of all ages. He is often consulted by media outlets in the Westchester County, New York metro area and nationally for his expertise as a board-certified dermatologist.

In addition to his daily schedule of patients, he works as a principal investigator for FDA clinical trials in the advancement of indications for products like BOTOX® Cosmetic, prescription medications, and many cosmetic products and procedures.

"I've been asked by many companies to advise them on the direction the development their cosmetic products should take and discuss new product ideas," Dr. Bank says.

Dr. Bank was a principal investigator in a clinical study involving BOTOX for the treatment of moderate to severe crow's feet — the fine lines and wrinkles that develop with age at the corners of the eyes.

Dr. Bank also participated in clinical trials for the approval of Dysport® in the U.S. Dysport is similar to BOTOX: Both products work to reduce glabellar/frown lines and other dynamic wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause these lines.

As one of the leading dermatologists not only in Westchester County, N.Y., but nationally, Dr. Bank says his participation in clinical trials also provides tangible benefits for the patients at his Mount Kisco practice, The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery.

"Participating in clinical trials means I'm aware of innovations in medical products, whether they have newly come to market, or are still being developed," he says. "Being involved at that level gives me a stronger understanding of how to get the optimal benefits and results from these products for my patients."

In addition to serving as a principal investigator for clinical trials, Dr. Bank has authored several articles, appeared on television, and has been quoted in national magazines and newspapers. He is also the author of "Beautiful Skin — Every Woman's Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age," a comprehensive guide to enhancing the appearance of women of all ages and skin types.

"BOTOX injections are often the introduction to cosmetic treatments for my patients," Dr. Bank says. "But there are a host of minimally invasive treatments available for women (and men) who have never previously undergone any cosmetic procedures. Soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion can all produce skin that looks healthier and more youthful."

Considering BOTOX injections? If you would like to meet with Dr. Bank to see how BOTOX can benefit you, please request a consultation online, or call our office at (914) 223-8056 to schedule an appointment.


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