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Earlobe Repair Specialist

The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic & Laser Surgery

Cosmetic Dermatology located in Mt Kisco, NY

If your child’s ears stick out too far or if you’re unhappy with the shape of your ears, earlobe repair surgery may be the solution you need. At The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, David Bank, MD, and the experienced surgeons offer comprehensive earlobe repair services. The providers use minimally invasive techniques to enhance the contours of your ears and improve their symmetry and appearance. To find out if earlobe repair is right for you or your child, call the office in Mount Kisco, New York.

Earlobe Repair Q & A

What is earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair, also known as otoplasty or ear pinning, is surgery to address protruding ears. This procedure changes the shape and contours of your earlobe to improve your facial symmetry and aesthetic appearance.

The providers at The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic & Laser Surgery can also use earlobe repair techniques to repair torn or overstretched earlobes that develop because of trauma or from piercing the ears.

The surgeons offer earlobe surgery for adults and children over the age of 5.

What happens during earlobe repair surgery?

Before scheduling your procedure, the surgeons at The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic & Laser Surgery evaluate your general health to ensure you can tolerate surgery. They also evaluate your ears to determine what results you can expect from surgery.

During surgery, you may receive a local or general anesthetic to keep you relaxed and comfortable. Your surgeon makes an incision in your ear to access the cartilage in the lobe. The surgeons are highly skilled in making precise incisions in the back of your ear to minimize your risk for visible scars.

They reshape the cartilage to improve the structure of your earlobe before closing the incision with stitches.

How long does it take to recover from earlobe repair surgery?

After your surgery is complete, you may need to spend time in the office recovering from anesthesia before you can go home to rest.

You will have bandages over your ears to protect the area from debris and reduce your risk of infection. You can expect to wear the bandages for a few days and can replace them with a lighter dressing as you heal.

To minimize any pain you have post-surgery, your surgeon may recommend over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers. It’s normal to have some bruising around the surgical site, and it should resolve on its own within a few weeks.

During a follow-up visit, your surgeon ensures that your incisions are healing properly and that there are no signs of infection. If you have any ear pain or discharge from your incisions, you should call the office right away.

To find out if you’re a candidate for minimally invasive earlobe repair surgery, call The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic & Laser Surgery to schedule an appointment.