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Give Your Face a Fresh Look for the New Year with a Facial

A new year gives us a chance to make a fresh start. We look forward to the goals and dreams we wish to achieve by the time the next new year rolls around.

If you’re tired of tired-looking skin or if too much holiday partying took a toll on your epidermis, one of the easiest ways to renew yourself is with a professional facial. Facials literally scrub away old, dead, dulling skin cells and reveal fresh, new, glowing skin underneath.

Our team of expert dermatologists at The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in Mount Kisco, New York, offers a number of facials to renew your skin and resolve your complexion issues. If your New Year’s resolution is to turn over a new skin cell, read on.

Facials speed up cell turnover

Our skin naturally sheds old skin cells so that new skin cells can rise to the surface, creating a lovely and natural glow. However, everything from the aging process to dry air during the winter to sun exposure can slow that process down.

If your skin looks dull or lackluster, you may not be hydrated enough or have a buildup of old skin cells on your face. Or both.

A facial instantly whisks away that dulling outer layer of dead skin cells through chemical or mechanical means. Our choice for mechanical facials is microdermabrasion, which uses abrasive crystals to remove dead cells and resolve other skin flaws, such as:

Chemical peels address the same issues as microdermabrasion but use varying strengths and proportions of acids and retinols. We offer:

We choose the best type and strength of chemical peel for your treatment based on your skin issues and skin type. 

Facials cleanse your face deeply

Even if you brush and floss your teeth each day, the clean you feel after a visit to the dentist feels and looks a lot different than your daily clean. Similarly, if you’ve ever hired a housekeeper to clean your house, you’re probably shocked at the level of sparkle and gleam they produce.

A facial is a deep, professional cleansing that goes far beyond surface grime. In addition to removing the dulling outer layer of your skin, including areas of hyperpigmentation, a facial cleanses your pores to remove impurities and debris, including blackheads and whiteheads.

After a facial, your skin looks and feels almost as smooth and glowing as newborn skin. And, in a sense, that’s what it is.

Facials improve the health of your skin

Just as your muscles need to break themselves down before they can build themselves up stronger than ever, your skin benefits from controlled stress. 

A facial encourages faster cell turnover, so your pores stay clean and free from excess oil and bacteria. That means you’re less likely to have an acne outbreak.

New skin cells are stronger, healthier skin cells. By speeding up skin cell turnover, your skin is more likely to retain its moisture and resilience too. 

Facials are an easy resolution to keep

Once you have your first facial, it probably won’t be your last. Most women and men are so happy with the look and feel of their skin after a customized facial that they come back for more.

If one of your resolutions is to keep your skin healthy and fresh-looking all year, we can help. We simply schedule your monthly, bi-monthly, or semi-annual facials in advance so that your skin looks new until the next new year. 

Find out what kind of facial “resolves” your skin issues by contacting our team by phone or online form today.

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