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Banish Cellulite in Time for Summer

Banish Cellulite in Time for Summer

Cellulite isn’t just fat. That’s why it doesn’t disappear no matter how much you exercise or how many calories you cut out. Cellulite is a skin condition in which tough, tight fibrous bands tether the underside of the skin to the muscle below, pulling through the fat layer and causing little tufts. 

Cellulite’s clinical name is edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (EFP). You don’t get cellulite from the way you live, but you may have gotten it from your mom or dad. Cellulite seems to be genetically determined. 

You’re also more likely to have EFP if you’re a woman. The thickness of your skin and other physical factors also determine how visible your cellulite is. That’s why your cellulite might worsen as you age and your skin thins.

No matter how or why you have cellulite, it’s probably not your favorite feature. If you’d like to have smoother, cellulite-free buttocks and thighs before summer rolls around, you can do it.

At The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in Mount Kisco, New York, our skilled and experienced team uses groundbreaking QWO® prescription injectables to treat cellulite

QWO is the only FDA-approved injectable that improves moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women.

How QWO works

Just as researchers aren’t 100% sure why some women develop cellulite in the first place, they’re not exactly sure how QWO works to resolve it, either, but it does. 

In fact, QWO underwent two Phase 3 clinical trials with 1,800 women that clearly demonstrated that QWO improved the look of cellulite when compared with placebo.

Although QWO’s mechanism of action isn’t fully understood, the injections consist of two enzymes, called collagenases, that seem to target the structural cause of cellulite by:

Collagen is a protein in your skin that makes it thick and strong. By stimulating collagen and softening or releasing the fibrous bands that cause your cellulite dimples, QWO improves the look and texture of your buttocks and thighs.

QWO takes time

In an ideal world, every treatment and every cure would be instant. But QWO works with your body’s natural skin-building process to improve the look of your cellulite. That’s why you need to give it time to see your optimal results.

You also need a series of treatments to break down or soften all of the fibrous bands and to rebuild your skin with new collagen. When you come for your QWO consultation, we give you an estimated timeline for your treatments.

Most women respond best to a series of three treatments. Each treatment is separated by about three weeks, to give your body time to absorb and utilize the injected collagenases. 

You start to see your results about 10 weeks after your first treatment. That’s why winter’s the best season to start QWO; you can complete your entire series of treatments in time to break out your skimpy spring and summer fashions.

Each QWO treatment only takes about 10 minutes. You can treat up to two areas of your body at a time. 

Make a cellulite-free buttocks the base of your spring and summer wardrobe by booking your first QWO cellulite treatment today. Contact our office by phone or use the online form. We look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals!

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