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4 Reasons to Get Lip Injections (Even If You Don’t Want Big Lips)

A woman receives lip injections.

Even casual observers of social media trends know that pillowy, augmented lips have been a popular look for several years. We’ve seen that trend first-hand with patients getting lip injections at our Westchester County, NY, practice to augment their lips. But lip augmentation isn’t the only treatment option for patients concerned about the appearance of their lips.

Lip injections using dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® can sculpt attractively shaped lips that are dewy, smooth, and in harmony with your other facial features. Size doesn’t necessarily matter for many patients who want to enhance their lips.

In this post, we’ll describe 4 reasons to get lip injections that have nothing to do with augmentation.

  1. Improving contours: One of the most important features of perky, youthful-looking lips is the V-shaped area in the middle of the top lip called the cupid’s bow. Even though it seems subtle, it can significantly impact the overall shape of the lips. Lip injections that give the cupid’s bow a more defined appearance can replace the hassle of using a lip liner. We can also use a small amount of filler to slightly deepen the small groove between the nose and lips, highlighting the cupid’s bow even more. Creating more defined lip lines (the vermillion border) along the upper lip is another way that lip injections improve the lips’ shape.
  2. Smoothing dry, wrinkled lips: Dermal fillers used for lip enhancement, such as JUVÉDERM, at our Westchester practice, are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. HA attracts and holds water, which is why these fillers can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. When used by experienced injectors, these fillers give the lips a smoother, moisturized appearance without noticeably increasing the size of the lips.
  3. Creating symmetry: Age-related asymmetry may emerge between the upper and lower lips, rather than the left and right sides of the lips. Improving the upper-lip-to-lower-lip ratio creates a better sense of proportion when viewing the whole face. Again, the skill of the injector is paramount in creating excellent results. An inexperienced injector or one without adequate training may try to pursue symmetry to the point of overfilling the lips, producing unsatisfactory outcomes. Perfect symmetry isn’t the goal, but minimizing visible asymmetry is more important than people often believe.
  4. Subtle enhancement: JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA is an excellent option for patients who want to restore some volume lost due to aging without getting the overfilled look that many people worry about when getting lip injections. VOLBELLA smooths the lines around the lips, subtly enhancing the lips and creating just the right pout. Choosing an injector who knows the purpose of each filler and the types of results it produces is crucial to creating the look you want.

Our board-certified dermatologists are specialists in injectables and have the experience to choose the filler best suited for your specific cosmetic goals. If you’ve been thinking about getting lip injections but are worried about looking overdone, contact us using the online form to request a consultation, and one of our providers can reassure you we understand those concerns. You can also give us a call at (914) 241-3003 to schedule an appointment.

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