"People shouldn't look at you and know you had something done. You want to hear, 'Wow, you look great!' or 'Have you been on vacation?', not 'Who did your lip injections?'

- Dr. David Bank

At The Center, we respect your choice to keep your secret to looking great just that — a secret. Here are some ways we protect our patients' privacy:

Our results look natural.

There's a difference between not being able to tell you've had a treatment and looking naturally rejuvenated. Dr. Bank's results look subtle, natural, but definitely there. When performing cosmetic treatments, his in-depth knowledge of the skin, and understanding of facial aging and attractive proportions, all come into play. His extensive experience with a range of treatments enables him to put together personalized plans for his patients' unique goals, whether it's to reveal, restore, or highlight their natural beauty.

We don't feature our patients in our photo gallery.

We strongly believe that it's our patients' choice to decide if they want to tell anyone about their treatments; therefore, you won't see any patient photos on our website. While we take great pride in our results, our photo gallery features only before-and-after photos from the product manufacturers, not our patients.

Many treatments don't require downtime.

BOTOX and other injectable treatments typically do not require downtime and are performed with such precision that telltale bruising is a rare exception. If you don't have time to hide out while your skin heals from a laser treatment or chemical peel, we usually have lighter options that don't involve downtime. Our patients often come in for a "lunchtime treatment" and return to work or other daily activities right away.

We make special arrangements when privacy is a must.

In order to ensure our patients' privacy, we may make arrangements to perform treatments outside of our regular business hours. If we are notified of a patient's wishes and arrival time, we take care to see them from our lobby to the treatment room with discretion and without delay.

Are you ready to look naturally refreshed? To meet with Dr. Bank at The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in Westchester, NY, request a consultation online or call (914) 241-3003 for an appointment.

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